If I were going to give this Bible-reading guide a name

it would be, Come Lord Jesus


"Come Lord Jesus" is a welcoming phrase 

            it is an invitation to God

Welcome is a beautiful word 

            we use it often

            with family and friends.


But I think Bible reading is also a welcome

Every time I pick up the Bible to read

by my actions I am saying:


            Jesus, come into my life

             I open my spirit to receive you

                      and my heart to love you 

            Strengthen*  me by your word. 


                  *Add whatever you need at the moment 

                          challenge              feed

                          inspire                  comfort 

                          convict                  transform

                          surprise                bring me back to you



God is always inviting us to come 

When we reciprocate and welcome God into our lives   

            wonderful things happen.


Abraham and others built their altars to say, come

Moses had his "Tent" of meeting and said, come

David envisioned a great temple for God to come

            and dwell with him forever.


I challenge you to click on these pages and read their stories

            to start at the beginning and

            read the Bible

            as one continuous story.

Discover for yourself God's great invitation
            for all of us to come to him
Discover too the welcome in your heart
            for your creator
            the one who loves you always
and say, "Come Lord Jesus."


The Bible Condensed. From Genesis to Revelation (Old Testament and New Testament)
in 365 daily readings plus commentary. This Bible reading plan will help you read the Bible
from beginning end, as one continuous story.