My first experience with Sunday School was at my home church,
Bethany United Methodist Church in Lebanon, PA. 

      I remember the wonderful storytelling of
      Miss Demmy and Ethel Miller in my early years, 
      and the beauty and patience of Joan Koons
      in my later elementary years. 

      My mother, Ruth Edris, taught briefly when I was in junior high. 
      By that age, our class met in the sanctuary along with the adult
      classes.  Each class staked out a nook of that large room. 
      We had the choir loft from which we had a good view
      of all that was taking place.

      Then Eleanor Krause taught the senior high class 
      and prepared us for life in the big world of post-graduation.

After leaving Lebanon and getting married,
I taught Sunday School classes or otherwise had opportunities
to develop my teaching skills in the following churches:

     Oregonia (OH) United Methodist Church

     Cheney (near Lincoln, NE) UMC

     Tremont (PA) St. John's UMC

     Barry Church in Weisample (PA)

     Blue Springs (NE) UMC

     Salem UMC in Manheim (PA)

     Royersford (PA) UMC

     Lancaster (PA) Community UMC

     Bensalem (PA) UMC

The first draft of this Bible Reading Guide was completed at the
Bensalem Church, probably in 1994-95, for the Adult I Class. 
Class members on the roll at that time were: 
                Bill Eckman 
                Dolores Eckman 
                Eric Castelli 
                Sandy Castelli
                Lil Ivins
                Kathy Oettinger 
                Ben Magnani 
                Vivian Magnani
                Doris Vansant 
                Sarah Lorenzo  
                Tom Kurtiz 
                Anne Drybala 
                Marge Back 
                Carol McQuire 
                Cindy Clark 
                Lisa Owens 
                Al Piccolo 
                Jack Wilkins 
                Gen Wright 
                Jimmy Mills
                Gen Mills  
                Liz Coulter
                Debbie Ross
                Doris Sloan
(If I missed anybody, please let me know!)
Thank you all for the good memories I have of that year. 

To all of my teachers, classmates, and students,
I just want to say a great big "thank you".  You have
enriched my life so much!