Journaling with John

To complete my project on the four Gospels,
        I decided to use the method called Journaling.

Journaling by its very nature is a subjective discipline.  
        Subjective in that it will reflect more of how I think
                and feel about the subject matter.  
        It is a discipline because journaling requires a commitment
                of time and attention to the Scriptures at hand.

And since I have been influenced by John Wesley
        I like to think of journaling as a "Means of Grace."
        In other words a means whereby I experience, first hand,
               the richness and fullness of God's grace.

Journaling is a slow process.  It cannot be hurried.
        The words of Scripture are meant to be chewed and savored.  

My prayer is that you who read these writings will also
         use them as a "Means of Grace."
That God will bless you as you accept this invitation
                               to slow down
                       and immerse yourself
                              in the richness
                               and fullness
                             of God's grace.


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